Health Information Exchanges (HIE)

Health Information Exchanges

When it comes to your health care, it is important for all members of your care delivery team to have details about your current and past medical information.

Healthcare providers across Georgia are connecting, and for you and your family, the result is better-coordinated healthcare.

With these connections, your providers can more easily coordinate your care—which reduces the chance of misdiagnosis or duplicative testing, especially in emergencies. Also, it ensures that each of your providers knows your complete medical history, allowing for seamless care.

Patients or their personal representatives who have questions about these connections or would like to opt out may call the Release of Information Call Center at 404-712-4111 between 8:30 am-5 pm EST.

After hours, on weekends, and on holidays, call 404-712-6344

Opting out may delay access to important medical information; however, participation is your choice. If you choose to opt out and not participate in HIE connections, your health information will not be shared among healthcare providers. Instead, your providers will continue to share information via previously established methods, such as phone, fax, mail, or through an existing electronic medical record. This also means that opting out does not affect the sharing of information by providers using the same electronic medical record.

Effective October 1, 2022