Ultrasound Procedures

Ultrasound is a safe and effective medical procedure that uses sound waves at a frequency higher than is audible to the human ear to create images of internal organs. Most people associate ultrasound exams with pregnancy. However, diagnostic ultrasound exams may be used to evaluate many parts of the body.

You may have heard of sonar or Doppler sound waves being used to locate fish in the fishing industry or to detect weather on your news channel. The technology used by our ultrasound machines is similar, but for medical ultrasound we use Doppler in addition to imaging to obtain pictures of the body.

Uses of Ultrasound

Ultrasound is used to evaluate many organs and structures, including the liver, kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, heart, vascular system and spleen. For women, ultrasound is also used to examine the breasts, uterus, ovaries and, during pregnancy, the fetus. Additionally, ultrasound is used to guide procedures such as needle biopsies and fluid drainages.