Lorraine's Story

Lung Cancer

My name is Lorraine Harris. I had a shooting pain around my chest. They took me into a room and did some tests. The doctor came in, and I had lung cancer.

I met with different types of doctors. They were all very concerned. They were very knowledgeable. They explained everything. Some of the doctors even drew diagrams for me, to explain where the cancer was and how it was progressing. After going through the chemo and the radiation, I was actually off any kind of treatment for almost two years. I was fine until one of my visits, unfortunately, we found out through my CAT scan that the cancer had come back and it was now Stage 4. My doctor wanted to try a new drug. As a result, he asked me to be a part of a clinical trial for the drug. I was more than happy to do that. After a year, I mean, some cells actually disappeared, so we're taking a rest from my therapy right now and I'm fine. I've been great.

I feel like it's a prerequisite that Winship at Emory, everybody learns kindness that works there, because the staff, they remember your name in the hallway. They give you hugs. They're just so sweet and kind. They're very professional and extremely efficient. Very rarely do I sit around waiting and killing time. I would recommend that hospital, Winship, to anybody.