During the gastric banding procedure, Emory surgeons place an inflatable silicone band around the top portion of the patient’s stomach to create a small gastric pouch. When a patient eats, food first passes through the pouch before proceeding through the normal digestive cycle. The gastric band limits the amount of food that can enter the stomach at one time, and creates a more immediate feeling of fullness.

Doctors adjust how much patients can eat by injecting the gastric band with a saline solution to expand or contract it. Since the digestive process remains the same once food passes through the pouch, the body continues normal nutritional absorption.

Am I a Candidate for Gastric Banding?

The ideal candidate for the lap band procedure will have a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 40, which translates to 100 pounds overweight for men and 80 pounds for women. Surgery may also be an option for people with a BMI between 35 and 40 who suffer from chronic or life threatening complications associated with obesity.

Did You Know?

The Emory Bariatric Center has two convenient locations in Atlanta.