Find answers to many of the questions you may have about our Your Weigh program. Click on the questions below to read the answers.

We will help you decide what plan is best, but the ultimate decision is left to you. The most successful plan will be one that fits your personal goals and lifestyle the best.

Weight loss will depend on your weight, meal plan you choose, age, gender, physical activity, baseline metabolic rate, medical history/medications, and commitment to make the necessary lifestyle changes.

The Your Weigh program currently takes place on Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons. Our group meetings begin at 6 p.m. on Thursdays and 2:30 p.m. on Fridays and last for one hour. Physician and/or nurse visits take place before the group meeting. Check-in for these visits begins approximately one and a half hours before the group begins and each participant is seen by the nurse and/or physician in the order in which you arrive.

The active phase is 16 weeks, with options to extend in 4 week blocks if medically stable. After the active phase, participants are strongly encouraged to continue attending lifestyle education groups indefinitely. Research indicates that those who continue attending support groups after completing a weight loss program are able to maintain their weight loss better than those who do not.

If it is necessary for you to miss a session, we will work with you to adjust visits, schedule permitting. We ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible. Unfortunately, we are not able to freeze your program for missed visits. If you anticipate missing several weeks, you may want to consider enrolling in the program at a later date.