Women Health Diagnosis

Evaluating Infertility

Infertility can be caused by a variety of conditions. Both male and female partners require thorough medical examinations to determine treatment options. At Emory Reproductive Center, we have a variety of ways to evaluate fertility. Learn more.

When to see a Fertility Specialist

You’ve been trying to get pregnant for six months or more. You may be considering the irony that after so many years of not wanting to get pregnant, when you are ready, it’s not happening. It seems like babies are everywhere, and you’ve even caught yourself staring at an expectant mother’s growing belly. You avoid discussing the issue with family and friends. Perhaps the hardest part is the first day of your period. So when should you see a fertility specialist? Learn more. 

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) may help patients have a successful pregnancy and a child free from selected genetic disorders. Embryos are tested for genetic disorders before pregnancy has started. Embryos are obtained by combining eggs and sperm in the laboratory (in vitro fertilization). From each embryo, one or two cells are removed and tested. If an embryo is judged to be free of the tested disorder, it may be transferred to the uterus. Learn more.