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Your Fantastic Mind

Highlights for season four include tremor treatment, menopause, thrill-seeking, psychedelics and glioblastoma. Discover these and other brain-related health stories on “Your Fantastic Mind,” an Emmy award-winning television series created through a partnership between Emory Brain Health Center and Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Adolescent Mental Health

30 mins

Your Fantastic Mind explores the alarming rise of anxiety, depression and suicide among today's teenagers, addressing causes of the crisis and exploring possible solutions.

A Grandmother's Love - Your Fantastic Mind Season 3 - Emory Brain Health Center

5 mins

Research led by Dr. James Rilling in Emory’s Department of Anthropology focuses on the brain functions of grandmothers and how it can play an important role in our social lives and development.

A Life Consumed by Sleep

Nothing he tried had worked. For Sigurjon Jakobsson, the trip to Atlanta with his family was a last-ditch effort to wake up. He had struggled with sleeping excessively for several years before coming from Iceland to see a visionary neurologist, who might have answers.

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