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Your Fantastic Mind


Focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic and what it does to our brains and minds, experts are sharing strategies and solutions to get through this difficult time. Discover these and other brain-related health stories including the opioid crisis, memory, depression, stress, what our dogs think of us and more on “Your Fantastic Mind,” an Emmy award-winning television series created through a partnership between Emory Brain Health Center and Georgia Public Broadcasting, with support provided by Southern Company Foundation.

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Season 2, Episode 7


56 mins

In this one-hour season finale, we delve into the science of memory - how it works, how we can retain it and why we lose it. On a trip to Chicago, a group of fascinating research participants are highlighted – elderly nuns who are helping scientists discover the ingredients to a long, healthy dementia-free life. The episode also features the first study in the world that uses flickering lights built into sunglasses to remove amyloid plaque from the brain and also gives a close-up look at the unique, state-funded Georgia Memory Net program, newly available to all Georgians who need memory assessment and care. Five Georgia Memory Net centers have opened across the state and are providing critical care to help diagnose dementia in its early stages. The episode also profiles a renowned neurologist in Tennessee with the brain disease, Lewy Body Dementia. We look at the similarities between Lewy Body, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease and show how these disease processes overlap. And we share a touching love story of another neurologist who is caring for his wife with Alzheimer’s, finding joy and peace through their shared love of music.

Flicker Study

8 mins

Jackie Spierman was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, often a pre cursor to Alzheimer’s Disease. She qualified to be one of ten people in the world in the Flicker Study. Participants in the study are exposed to 40 Hz of light and sound on a daily basis for one hour.

Phyllis and Richard

8 mins

A neurologist for 42 years Dr. Richard Franco recognized the devastating symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in his wife Phyllis more than a dozen years ago. He left his practice and takes care of Phyllis full time and they show us that in spite of a disease marked by endless losses -- there is still beauty -- and love.

WEB EXTRA A Life Consumed by Sleep

Nothing he tried had worked. For Sigurjon Jakobsson, the trip to Atlanta with his family was a last-ditch effort to wake up. He had struggled with sleeping excessively for several years before coming from Iceland to see a visionary neurologist, who might have answers.


Sponsorship Southern Company Foundation

Southern Company Foundation is proud to support public health education topics brought to you by Your Fantastic Mind. Southern Company Foundation and its funder, Southern Company, are committed to supporting and improving our communities at the local level and beyond, while conducting business with integrity and fairness.

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Early Onset Alzheimer’s

8 mins

Cecile Bazaz was a high-level banking executive in her 40’s when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. This series profiles Cecile and her family.

Living with Epilepsy

25 mins

Ja'lisa Thomas was pregnant with her first child when she first experienced epileptic seizures. Over the next six years, epilepsy took her ability to work, drive, and live independently. A radical new treatment helped give Ja'Lisa her life back.

The Resilience Gene

4 mins

Scientists at Emory have discovered a gene that accounts for resilience and a sense of well-being. This story profiles two women in a study of 2,000 people from the Grady Trauma Project, which studies people with PTSD.

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