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Emory COVID-19 Impact Fund

We are hard at work combating the COVID-19 pandemic from all sides—from cutting-edge research and urgent clinical care to public health education. The Emory COVID-19 Impact Fund has been established to enhance and accelerate work already underway. Your gift will make an immediate impact with: 

  • Providing resources to further protect and support frontline workers
  • Advancing lifesaving research, new treatments, preventions, and cures
  • Supporting patients in need
  • Increasing access to testing and care

Drive Discovery

Emory Healthcare is unequaled in translating medical breakthroughs into service and patient care. These discoveries benefit Atlanta and the world, and your support ensures innovative and comprehensive health care. Many of our physicians are also researchers and educators which means they take part in valuable clinical trials and help develop new and better ways to prevent and treat disease.

Make a Gift 

Be a community hero! Share the gifts of life and health when you give a charitable gift to support Emory Healthcare. You are doing one of the greatest things possible: sharing life and health with your neighbors in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. In fact, because generous friends like you have helped make Emory Healthcare a world leader in research and patient care, the power of your gift stretches even further.  To discuss your philanthropic goals, please contact Susan House, Senior Director of Development at 404.727.9110 or

Start Fundraising 

Create your own fundraising page to share your enthusiasm with friends and family and ask for support to help patients who need life-saving treatment. It’s easy to get started and you’ll be given resources and support along the way!

Other Ways To Support

There are many other ways you can complete your charitable giving wishes to Emory Healthcare. One way to do this is through memorial gifts. Using the link below form, you can make a Memorial Gift in honor of a special person or event. When making your gift, please indicate the name of the person or event you wish to honor, and we’ll send a notification of your generous remembrance to the individual or individuals memorialized or honored.

You can also use the link above for other types of gifts. You can make a Matching Gift by asking your employer to match your donation to Emory Healthcare. By donating appreciated securities or assets, you can make an Assets/Securities Gift. You can also make an Estate Gift by creating a provision in your will for Emory. Or, you can donate property you own to Emory Healthcare by making a Real Estate Gift. And, lastly, you can name Emory Healthcare as the owner and beneficiary of an insurance policy by making a Life Insurance Gift.

If you would rather speak with a representative about your planned giving options, please call us at 404-727-3573 or email us at

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Need help? We will be delighted to assist you today, so please call us at 404-778-7777. We look forward to hearing from you.