AUTOCHECK provides quality control testing of sterilization equipment such as steam, chemical, dry and gas for hundreds of geographically-dispersed clients of various types. We offer several testing service plans, designed to accommodate the various regulatory requirements for this testing as set forth by each State. Our dedicated staff provides the highest quality customer service and sterility monitoring for our clients' equipment.

Call Autocheck 1-800-727-6763 or locally at 404-686-2402

AUTOCHECK Sterilizer Monitoring Service provides:

  • All the necessary materials to monitor sterilization, including return postage.
  • A positive control, necessary for quality assurance of the monitoring test system
  • A report for each test which can be immediately delivered by e-mail or sent via the US Postal Service
  • Immediate contact by telephone if a test shows that sterility was not achieved
  • Consultative services such as assisting your staff solve sterilization-related problems free of charge
  • A certificate of participation, suitable for display with each kit.

To subscribe to our services, or for more information, contact us at:
1-800-727-6763 or locally at 404-686-2402

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