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Our multidisciplinary approach to neurosurgery allows physicians from differing backgrounds and varying expertise to come together to develop a treatment plan specific to you.

For most patients, a necessary step in successful brain tumor treatment is surgery. Emory Neurosurgery combines progressive technologies and expertise for the surgical treatment of brain tumors. Our neurosurgeons examine and treat many different brain tumor conditions, including pituitary tumors, in patients of all ages.

Medical Oncology

The medical oncology team at Emory specializes in developing proper diagnosis and treatment options for all types of cancer, central nervous system tumors and other benign and malignant tumors.

At Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, our multidisciplinary teams treat all types of cancer, and work together to provide you with the most advanced cancer care available. By collaborating with other cancer leaders within the health care system, our medical oncologists can offer more experience and more insight to help you with your diagnosis.

Radiation Oncology

Our Emory radiation oncology team is comprised of board-certified radiation oncologists using the most advanced technologies to treat cancer, including brain tumors. Our doctors tailor your radiation treatment to your specific needs in a caring and supportive environment.

We offer the next generation of radiation oncology treatment to patients at Emory Proton Therapy Center. Our radiation oncologists at Emory Proton Therapy Center have access to technology that uses protons to precisely treat cancerous tumors throughout the body and can be more precise than conventional forms of radiation therapy. The Emory Proton Therapy Center is the first center of its kind in Georgia to offer patients access to this new, state-of-the-art radiation therapy.


Our neuropathology team is comprised of the only two physicians located in the southeast that treat brain tumors.

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