Cognitive Neurology

Refer a Patient

How to refer a patient to the Emory Cognitive Neurology Clinic

We restructured our referral process and clinic workflows to reduce wait times for an initial evaluation. An Emory referring provider is now required to initiate the patient’s journey and assist with ongoing patient care.

All patients will first receive an eConsult (data review) and the eConsult report will be transmitted back to the referring provider with appropriate next steps.

Referral Options

There are two options for referring your patient to the Emory Cognitive Neurology Clinic. Please review these carefully.

Emory EPIC

If you are an Emory provider with ordering privileges in Emory EPIC, search for the ‘Cognitive Neurology Clinic Referral Order Panel’ in orders. This panel includes the referral order as well the required brain imaging and lab orders which must be placed if labs (CMP, CBC, B12, TSH) and brain imaging (MRI brain; non-contrast CT brain if MRI contraindicated) from within the last 18 months are not available in EPIC. Our team will receive a notification once these are signed and we will help patients schedule their MRI brain and labs.

It is also helpful for the referring provider to send the patient to the lab and provide the patient with the radiology scheduling number (404-778-9729). Please instruct the patient to take the first available MRI brain appointment, even if it is not at the closest facility. The sooner the brain imaging is completed, the more quickly we will facilitate cognitive testing and the eConsult. Cognitive testing and the eConsult will not occur until brain imaging is completed.

PowerWorks, Allscripts or Other Medical Records System

If you are an Emory provider on PowerWorks, Allscripts or any other medical records system, please obtain labs (CMP, CBC, B12, TSH), MRI brain no contrast (head CT no contrast if MRI contraindicated) and complete this referral form.

Labs and brain imaging from the last 18 months are acceptable. Please place a copy of the lab results, a radiology MRI/CT interpretation report, a CD/flash drive with the actual brain images, most recent clinic notes with updated medication and problem lists, and the completed referral form in the same envelope.

This can be hand delivered or mailed to: Emory Cognitive Neurology Clinic, 12 Executive Park Drive, Atlanta, GA 30329. Packages that are incomplete or missing any of the above items will be rejected and discarded. Only complete packages will be accepted.

Checklist of items required in the same envelope:

  • CMP lab results
  • CBC lab results
  • TSH lab results
  • B12 lab results
  • MRI brain radiology report (Head CT report if MRI contraindicated)
  • MRI brain images on a CD/flash drive (Head CT if MRI contraindicated)
  • Most recent clinic notes with updated medication and problem lists
  • Completed referral form

We will only accept referrals made through one of the two options above. We will not accept referrals or patient data (labs, imaging) via phone calls, emails, faxes, direct secure messaging, or other means.