Emory Employer Health Solutions

Corporate Wellness Programs

Our approach to your corporate wellness program design is part of a larger partnership that we establish with our company clients. This partnership takes us inside the company to more fully understand the healthcare needs and goals of your organization’s corporate health and wellness strategy. Clear input and collaboration with our clients are essential to connect the program experience to the strategic initiatives, as well as workplace wellness, of the company.

Corporate Wellness with Emory Employer Solutions

Emory Employer Health Solutions has been trusted to manage employee health for over 200 corporations headquartered in Atlanta and throughout the nation. For organizations and large groups, we work closely with clients to customize corporate wellness programs that offer different models of care delivery, including options in on-site care similar to our Emory Clinic at Delta and our Emory Care Center at The Coca-Cola Company.

Emory Employer Health Solutions is committed to Corporate Health and Wellness

Streamline Coordination for Your Employee Health

Emory Employer Health Solutions offers year-round coordinated care as one of its key advantages in our corporate wellness programs. Our center will serve as the access point for any necessary future appointments or services your employees may need. This allows your staff to receive world-renowned medical care throughout the Emory system. 

Innovative Executive Health Solutions

As an academic medical center, we offer the newest advances in medical technology. Our physicians constantly update their skills while staying on top of current trends in medicine. We include valuable testing as part of our visits that would be out-of-scope for a typical physical examination. Research-supported validity of exams and testing are at the forefront of our rationale. At Emory Employer Health Solutions, we are always innovating for corporate health and wellness management.

Connect with us to Discuss Your Workplace Wellness

Contact us so we may discuss what your corporate wellness program could look like. The possibilities are endless. Together, we can design a comprehensive executive health program to truly impact workplace wellness and health behaviors. We help organizations reduce overall healthcare costs with corporate wellness solutions that focus on your employee's well-being.