Frequently Asked Questions

Executive Physicals are for any patient who needs:

  • to complete their necessary physical, labs and tests for the year in one day
  • a summary of their health and wellness with future goals for improvement
  • a clinical relationship that lasts throughout the year with ongoing care and guidance

Our appointments are scheduled through the Executive Health Gateway. To receive your Gateway login, please email us at or call us 404-778-1234.

Please contact us at 404-778-1234. We can offer presentations to your management staff and provide a tour of our facility for your team.

To enroll, please email us your company representative’s information. Your representative will receive a company login for the Executive Health Gateway. The Gateway will keep track of eligible executives and appointments scheduled for your company.

We do not file to insurance companies nor do we accept contractual insurance adjustments.

We accept most major debit or credit cards or Health Savings Account cards.

Please bring:

  • Driver’s License, or Passport (if preferred)
  • Insurance Card (for specialty appointments and further testing, if needed)
  • A detailed itinerary for your Emory Executive Physical will be available for you through your Gateway profile.

You will need to fast 6 hours before your labs. You may have water, black coffee/tea, or diet soda. For those having exercise stress tests, we recommend decaffeinated beverages. Healthy snacks and beverages will be available.

We recommend bringing exercise clothes and shoes for the exercise stress test/treadmill test. Shower accommodations and a private dressing room with lockers are available to you. 

A typical day includes:

  • a full lab panel (including labs, vitals, and EKG)
  • any age appropriate testing (see age-specific protocol in "Our Services")
  • a comprehensive executive physical
  • a health educator meeting
  • a summation of results from labs, testing and physical 

Most Emory Executive Health Physicals are just one-half day. This includes all imaging and blood tests as well as review of your results with your Emory Executive Health physician. Added specialty appointments or adding a colonoscopy will extend the duration to 1 to 2 days.

Yes. You may select a physician preference when requesting an appointment through the Gateway. Our team will work with you to ensure we schedule your appointment with respect to your requests.

With your authorization, we will send a letter with your test results to your primary care physician and consult with him or her as needed. You also have the option of using your executive health doctor as your primary care doctor for your year round healthcare needs.

Our physicians can refill most medically necessary prescriptions you may have.

Our team will gladly assist you to schedule appointments with specialists at Emory. We will work with you to ensure we address all concerns.

Most results will be available by the end of your appointment. Your physician will review these with you in person.

Two to three weeks after your executive physical, a summary report will be mailed to you. This report will include your physical, imaging, and laboratory results.

If any results indicate a need for follow-up care, we will contact you immediately. 

Appointments cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee. 

Cancellation within: 
10 business days      $250
3 business days        $500
24 hours                  $750

How Can We Help You Today?

Need help? We will be delighted to assist you today, so please call us at 404-778-1234. We look forward to hearing from you.