Nationally-Recognized Pancreas Transplant Program

The Emory Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Program in Atlanta, Georgia provides evaluation, treatment and follow-up care for patients with Type 1 diabetes and renal disease. Combined kidney-pancreas transplants provides many Type I diabetics with kidney failure a life-improving option as compared to daily insulin injections and dialysis therapy. Kidney-pancreas transplantation, though not considered a cure, can greatly improve the length and quality of life for many transplant patients.

Our Georgia kidney-pancreas transplant center ranks among the most prestigious transplant programs in the country, and our team of kidney-pancreas transplant specialists are highly skilled in kidney-pancreas transplant surgery. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure superior care and service.

Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Program Highlights

Performed Georgia's First Kidney/Pancreas Transplant

Emory's first kidney-pancreas transplant was performed in 1989. Today, the pancreas transplant program includes simultaneous kidney/pancreas transplant and pancreas transplant after kidney transplant.

Pancreas Transplant to Treat Type 1 Diabetes

Pancreas transplants were first used for the treatment of type I diabetes in humans in 1966. Emory's Islet Transplant Program is currently investigating another option for patients with type 1 diabetes.

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