Urology Wellness

Vaginal Perineal Skin Care

Women may ignore the simple principles of perineal hygiene and skin care. The perineum is the region of the body between the anus and the vulva. Organisms that colonize the urethra arise in the lower bowel and persist on the area just outside the anus and the urethra and on the perineal skin in between. For heavy patients, the deep skin folds provide a sanctuary for bacteria where they can flourish (dark, warm and moist conditions). It is particularly important for women with recurrent lower urinary tract infections to take additional measures to reduce the numbers of bacteria on the perineal skin

Young mothers learn quickly that a dry tissue may not be enough to clean a baby's bottom. Women must apply similar methods to themselves. Reduce contamination by the use of a washcloth or bidet, use a hair dryer to dry the skin after bathing, avoid layers of tight clothing, use cotton underwear and daily changes. Avoid powder detergents for clothes and avoid bubble baths or vaginal deodorants.