Urology Wellness

Resources for Women

Nutrition Information

Women with problems of hypertension will gain benefit from some restriction in common salt intake. However, salt is an essential nutrient. Women experience normal losses of salt in the urine, in gastric secretions, and in perspiration.

Fluid Guidelines

Choosing the right liquids is an important part of urinary health for women, and specifically, is important for the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections.

Vaginal Perineal Skin Care

Women may ignore the simple principles of perineal hygiene and skin care. The perineum is the region of the body between the anus and the vulva. Organisms that colonize the urethra arise in the lower bowel and persist on the area just outside the anus and the urethra and on the perineal skin in between.

Your Love Life and Urinary Infections

Patterns of sexual behavior are built around the working day, and sexual intercourse tends to be favored at bedtime rather than at other times. It is at intercourse that perineal organisms (organisms present between the anus and the vulva) may be physically displaced into the upper urethra and bladder, and it is this activity that may help to inoculate organisms into the urinary bladder.

Effects of Childbirth

At the time of vaginal delivery, the fetal head will pass through the vagina, like a small elephant passing between the sheets of a king size bed. The front and back walls of the vagina are pushed apart and at the same time, the lateral attachments are pulled away from their normal line of fixation along the pelvic side-walls (arcus tendinious fascia pelvis).