Emory Voice Center

Expertise in Voice, Swallowing and Upper Airway Care

Your voice is one of the main ways you communicate with the world. Whether singing, laughing or talking, you rely on your voice to share information and express emotion. Protecting it is important, so treating your voice disorders or voice problems is our priority. Experts in the Voice Center at Emory Healthcare are dedicated to giving you the compassionate, understanding care you need when facing vocal troubles.

What the Voice Center Offers

Since 2002, we have offered specialized care for a wide array of voice disorders and problems. In recent years, we’ve expanded the treatments we provide to bring you the most advanced care. Today, we can see patients for:

  • Laryngeal conditions
  • Problems that affect swallowing
  • Upper airway-related breathing difficulties

Our physicians see over 5,000 patients and perform more than 800 procedures each year.

Innovative Voice Disorder and Treatment Research

As a team, our specialists are always searching for the next generation of voice disorder treatments. They are actively involved in several research investigations that can help explain what happens with voice problems and the best ways to address them. Their current research efforts include:

  • Development of extra-clinical voice monitoring devices
  • Development of a laryngeal surgical trainer device
  • Novel laryngeal pacing systems for use in the larynx
  • Novel treatments for the aging voice
  • Novel treatment in voice therapy
  • Outcomes of treatment for neurolaryngeal disease
  • Voice treatment adherence

Meet Our Voice Center Team

You use your voice every day, impacting many things in your life. To keep it healthy, you need care from specialists who offer the latest diagnostic and treatment innovations. Look no further than our team of fellowship-trained laryngologists and specialized speed-language pathologists for the most up-to-date services.

Emory Voice Center Laryngeal Imaging and FEES Hands-On Workshop, February 2-3, 2024

Registration for the 2024 Emory Voice Center Laryngeal Imaging/FEES Hands-On Workshop will open on February 2-3, 2024. Registration for the course is a two-step process.

  • First, click the following link to make the payment
  • Then click the following link (and the “reserve your spot” button) to reserve your spot in the course

You must register on both links for the registration to be complete. Registration is limited, therefore it’s likely that slots will fill up quickly. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Brian Petty at brian.petty@emoryhealthcare.org.

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