Welcome to The HLC

The HLC now has new tab names and colors to make navigation easier, the functions remain the same:

  • “My Learning” becomes your “To Do” tab (lists your courses and classes including Annual Regulatory Curriculum)
  • “My Transcript” becomes your “Completed” tab (lists all your course completions)

Login & Password Instructions for New EHC Employees and HLC Administrators

Password Change: New Employees
  • Log in using your seven digit employee ID number as your User ID and as your password.
  • Your seven digit employee ID number can be found on your pay advice
Password Change: HLC Admins with 2 HLC Accounts (HLC Department Administrator & HLC Instructor)
  • Due to being both an HLC Instructor (with an "i" ID), and an HLC Dept Admin (with an "a" ID), log in with your "i" or "a" ID with ehc as the initial password
  • When prompted, change your password to your seven digit employee ID number
  • Moving forward, both your HLC passwords will be your employee ID number, and your employee ID number will continue to be your HLC User ID + "i" or "a".
Password Change: HLC Report Links
  • If you currently receive links to HLC reports via email, after clicking on the link, you will now need to log in to the HLC to review the report
  • If this is the first time in 2016 that you are accessing the HLC, you will be prompted to change your password (follow steps above)
  • If you have already updated your password in 2016, remember to use your seven-digit employee ID as both your user ID and password

Current FY Annual Regulatory Curriculum is Assigned

For your convenience, the required set of Annual Regulatory Courses is in a "Curriculum" on your To Do Page.

About the HLC

The HealthStream Learning Center (HLC) is Emory Healthcare's web-based, online learning management system. The HLC provides a mechanism to register for and take instructor-led courses, online courses, or blended courses and provides a tool to maintain educational records for EHC employees.

The HLC is Emory Healthcare’s singular source for the tracking of education for all employees. Tracking occurs via course completion; therefore, educational activity needs to be represented by a course. Courses can be built in the HLC to offer classroom registration or online completion or a combination of both classroom and online activities.

Anyone at EHC can make a request to create a course. All employees who are providing education need to ensure that the education is not only tracked, but course completion shows up on individual transcripts. To request course development submit the appropriate course request form available via the HLC Forms & Guidelines link in the left navigator/menu.

The HLC Provides:

  • Registration for classroom-based courses
  • Online educational courses
  • Courses and curricula with multiple learning activities
  • Tracking of course completions
  • Tracking of learning activities that occur outside EHC
Three Types of HLC Users

Employees at EHC are given rights to access the HLC in different roles. These levels of access do not necessarily coincide with one's job title. All EHC employees are given Student rights in the HLC. The other levels are granted depending on one's use of other functions in the HLC.

HLC Students

All Emory Healthcare employees have "student" rights in the HLC to enroll in courses, take online courses, register for classroom-based courses, and view and print an education transcript. Staff records are added to and updated in the HLC every Wednesday via an import from PeopleSoft. An employee on FMLA (Family Medical Leave) cannot access the HLC because his/her status is inactive. The status will be updated to active during the import following his/her return if the PeopleSoft record has been updated prior to the import.

The User Guide for HLC Students contains instructions for enrolling in a course and registering for a class, taking an online course, completing the Regulatory Courses Curriculum, viewing and printing a transcript and more. 

HLC Instructors

Instructor administrative rights in the HLC may be extended to employees who regularly teach classes (instructors.) These rights allow instructors to 1) schedule classes, 2) view class registration and waitlist information, 3) mark attendance and 4) run selected reports. Course descriptions (course templates) are initially created by an HLC system administrator (not instructors), but instructors can view those course templates and request updates and revisions.

The designation of instructor rights is a manual process and must be requested. Completion of the HLC Instructor Role course is required prior to rights being extended. If you need instructor access in the HLC, send a request via e-mail to odls@emoryhealthcare.org and register to attend the HLC Instructor Role course.

The User Guide for HLC Instructors contains instructions for scheduling classes, running rosters and marking class attendance. 

HLC Administrators

Department administrator rights in the HLC may be extended to leadership (or designees) upon request. These rights include the ability to run course completion reports, view student registrations and transcripts, and enter educational activities that occur either through in-services or outside of EHC. Department administrator rights pertain only to the departments assigned to you in the HLC.

The designation of department administrator rights is a manual process and must be requested. Completion of the course, titled HLC Dept Administrator Role, is required prior to rights being extended. If you need HLC Dept Admin access, please send a request via e-mail to ODLS@emoryhealthcare.org that includes your name, your job title and the department account numbers for which you need access, and register to attend the HLC Dept Administrator Role course.

User Guide for HLC Department Administrators

The User Guide for HLC Dept Administrators contains instructions for viewing an employee’s HLC record, setting up Course Completion-Schedulable reports and entering Learning Events for education provided outside the HLC. 

Generic Course List

The Generic Course List provides a list of courses in the HLC that you may use when entering Learning Events to capture your department inservices. These courses identify general topics and specific time frames. If you do not see a course on this list that meets your needs, please send a request for your specific title to odls@emoryhealthcare.org. 

Need Help?

Please contact Organizational Development at odls@emoryhealthcare.org or 404-712-7167.