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Your first day of orientation, known as New Employee System Orientation, is filled with a variety of activities geared toward making you feel at home at Emory Healthcare. You'll have the opportunity to meet other new employees, become acclimated to our environment, and learn about our organization as a whole and how we value employee contributions. You will also learn more about where your orientation will be located on day two.

Day One Overview

  1. Learn the core purpose, core values and vision which supports Emory Healthcare.
  2. Learn infection control practices of Emory Healthcare and how to use infection control as a resource.
  3. Learn the fundamentals of information technology and how to access Web-based learning programs.
  4. Learn about our standards of customer service, the importance of teamwork and the importance of providing a fair and just culture at Emory Healthcare.
  5. Learn about your total compensation package, including the full range of benefits and perks. You'll also select benefits based on your personal needs and goals.