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Contactless Check-In

Save Time and Skip the Line

Skip the check-in line and use your smartphone instead. With the MyChart app, you can let your provider’s office know when you have arrived for your appointment before you even get inside. Follow these steps to enable an automatic, touchless check-in experience on your next visit. Currently offered at Emory at East Cobb Primary Care, Dunwoody Orthopaedics, Peachtree Hills Primary Care, Sugarloaf Primary Care, Sugarloaf Orthopaedics and Spine, and Spivey Station Orthopaedics and Spine only at this time.

One Week Before Your Appointment

  1. If you haven’t already, download and log in to the MyChart app.  
  2. Open the MyChart app.
  3. Open your upcoming appointment.
  4. Tap "ECheck-In" under the Get Ready section, then follow the prompts.
  5. Please enable push notifications
Download from iOS App Store

One to Three Days Before Your Appointment

  1. Log into MyChart. If you have an eligible appointment for self-arrival, you’ll see a message when you log in.

  2. If prompted, follow the instructions on the screen to enable permissions. For additional ways to enable location settings, see #3 and #4.

  3. A second way to enable location settings is to select “View details” on an upcoming appointment within the MyChart app and then select “Location-based Arrival”. This section should state “Enabled” and not “Disabled”.
Location Based Arrival

4. A final way to enable location settings is from the MyChart main menu. Go to “Account Settings” and enable “Appointment Arrival” by toggling the button to the right.

MyChart Account Settings

Select “Location Settings” where you will be taken to the MyChart settings for your device (these screenshots are for iOS). Set Allow Location Access to “Always” and “Precise Location”.

IOS Location Settings

5. You have completed all the needed settings. “Turn on Appointment Arrival” must be selected at the bottom of the screen to enable Appointment Arrival. The second image details more information if you click “Learn More”.


Day of Appointment

  1. Log in to MyChart to complete your symptom screening before you arrive on site by selecting the ECheck-In button on today’s appointment.

  2. Once you’ve arrived, you will receive a notification on your mobile device. Tap it and log into MyChart.

  3. Tap "I'm Here" on your upcoming appointment and follow the prompts.

  4.  If you’ve provided all of the needed information, you can have a seat in the waiting room and wait to be called. If needed, you may be instructed to either complete your If needed, you may be instructed to go to the front desk if any of your check-in information is incomplete or needs additional review. 
myChart Final Window

Turn On Push Notifications

  1. When logging into MyChart for the first time, click “Allow” on the notifications screen like below to start receiving notifications.
  2. To check if your push notifications are turned on, go to “Settings”,  scroll down and select MyChart.
  3. Once MyChart is chosen, select “Notifications”
  4. Toggle the “Allow Notifications” button to the right.
  5. Once that button turns green, you will begin to receive push notifications from MyChart.

Turn On Push Notifications