Emory Healthcare and
Kaiser Permanente Partnership

Great minds think together. 

EHC and Kaiser Partnership

They say great minds think alike. But at Emory Healthcare, we say great minds think together. That’s why we’re excited to collaborate with Kaiser Permanente as they build the same inspired model of connected care appreciated by millions of their members across the country and right here to their members in Atlanta. Two of our core locations - Emory Decatur Hospital and Emory St. Joseph's Hospital will play host to this unique approach to care.

Not a Kaiser Permanente member? Use the link below to learn more about this health insurance provider. Thank you for your interest in Yoga on the Court with the Atlanta Dream. This event has reached maximum capacity and is no longer available for RSVP.

Top-notch emergency care

In an emergency, Kaiser Permanente members have access to Emory Decatur Hospital or Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital for care. Here is how Kaiser Permanente members benefit from our top-notch emergency medicine:

  • Experience and quality: Emory Healthcare is the most comprehensive academic health system in Georgia and the only one with three Magnet-designated hospitals for nursing excellence—including Emory Saint Joseph’s.
  • Coordination: When a person has Kaiser Permanente insurance, they also get access to Kaiser Permanente doctors as a part of their care team. These doctors have access to the member’s electronic medical record and these doctors will be on-site at Emory to help coordinate and personalize their care.
  • Convenience: If a Kaiser Permanente member needs follow-up care once their emergency condition has been stabilized, they can receive that care right at Emory.
  • Cost-savings: Kaiser Permanente members usually have lower out-of-pocket costs and no claims to file when they use Emory Decatur Hospital or Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital*

Inpatient care

When Kaiser Permanente members need inpatient care—such as a surgery, procedure, or other elective care at a hospital—they have access to the breadth of Emory Hospitals for their care. By using Emory Hospitals as their preferred hospitals, Kaiser Permanente members get:

  • Expanded capacity to help them get the care you need quickly.
  • Care from Kaiser Permanente physicians who can access your electronic medical record on-site at Emory hospitals to help provide personalized care, prevent allergic reactions to drugs, and avoid duplicate tests.
  • The support of expert Emory providers connected to a Kaiser Permanente member’s care team.