Pediatric-to-Adult Bleeding
Disorder Transition of Care

Bleeding Disorder Pediatric-to-Adult Transition of Care

At Emory Bleeding Disorders Clinic, we have extensive experience in supporting pediatric patients who need to transition to an adult treatment center. There are typically two ways pediatric patients and their families begin the journey of scheduling their first appointment with our adult care team.

The first way is transitioning from our partnering Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta pediatric team. In this scenario, the patient and family schedule the first adult clinic visit during their final pediatric annual visit, after which the pediatric providers create a treatment summary. The treatment summary and other relevant medical records are then shared with your new adult care team. The pediatric and adult social workers will also maintain close communication to advocate for the patient and family as an additional supportive step in the transfer of care.



The other way is that our center works with any non-Emory facilities to support a pediatric patient and family looking for a new adult treatment center. The previously mentioned information about sharing and communication standards are applied to all new Emory patients, with the same commitment to ensuring a successful transition of care.

During your first adult visit, the team will review your medical history, inquire about personal goals and answer any questions. As needed, the adult team will consult with your previous pediatric care team. Once a comfort level is established with the patient and family, the patient is formally transitioned to our adult program.


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