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The neurologist is the doctor who possesses specialized knowledge and skill in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy and will manage and direct your neurologic care.


If needed, a neurosurgeon will perform your epilepsy surgery and supervise your care immediately following your surgery. The neurosurgeon will also follow your progress after you are discharged from the hospital, working closely with the rest of your neurology team.


If you are being considered for epilepsy surgery, a neuropsychologist will meet with you during the evaluation to obtain a general mental health history, as well as to help clarify any potential risks that may result from the surgery.

Advanced Practice Providers

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are members of the epilepsy team who practice medicine under the supervision of a licensed physician. The NP may obtain your medical history, perform your physical exam and adjust your medications.

Latasha Evans, NP

Diane Teagarden, NP

Hannah Villarreal, NP

Basic Scientists

Our research involves both basic scientists and clinical researchers. The basic scientists are working on understanding the reasons why people have seizures and epilepsy and how to use that information to prevent them, while our clinical researchers are developing new medications and devices to treat epilepsy.

Annaelle Devergnas

Ray Dingledine

Andrew Escayg

Claire-Anne Gutenkunst

Bbabak Mahmoudi

Stephen Traynelis

David Weinshenker

Pediatric Epilepsy Team

A neurologic team specializing in pediatric epilepsy is based at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

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