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Emory Vision & LASIK Care

At Emory Vision, you expect to be treated by the very best eye-care specialists in Atlanta using the most innovative technology. What you might not expect is the concierge-type service you will receive during each appointment. The highly-experienced staff provides every patient with individual attention and works closely with the eye doctors and surgeons to create the best possible diagnosis and treatment plans for your unique situation, always keeping the overall health of your eyes in mind.

And while Emory Vision has offered cutting-edge LASIK techniques to its patients for more than ten years, we also treat a full range of eye conditions. From routine eye exams to cosmetic eye procedures to the ongoing management of chronic eye needs, Emory Vision's personal care coordinators will guide you through every step of your treatment.

Emory Vision

New Location

Emory Eye Center/Emory Vision
Doctors Center Building #3
5671 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd
Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30342

Appointments: 404-778.2SEE (2733)

Bringing their combined years of experience and academic expertise to the table at Emory Eye Center’s refractive surgery center, Emory Vision's physicians provide a superior experience to anyone interested in improving their vision, using the most advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques.

LASIK & Refractive Surgery

Laser in Situ Keratomileusis ("LASIK") is a laser procedure that can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. LASIK involves creating a protective flap from the outside layer of the cornea and sculpting the middle layer to correct refractive error and improve vision. The outside flap is then repositioned over the sculpted area, much as a band-aid. The FDA's ophthalmic devices advisory panel has recommended FDA approval for the LASIK procedure using a surgical system developed by Emory cornea surgeons.

Are You a Candidate?

LASIK surgery is very successful in treating many common vision problems, but it is not for everyone. At Emory Vision, we can thoroughly evaluate your individual needs and determine the type of refractive surgery, if any, that would be appropriate for correcting your vision. As a provider of highly personalized services, Emory Vision does not offer advice over the Internet.

Procedures and Technology

Our physicians have taken a global lead in developing and refining new technologies and procedures. In their expert hands, modern equipment such as the ™Allegretto Wave Eye-Q gives you results far superior to those produced by the older technologies employed by many clinics doing high-volume, low-cost, assembly-line procedures.

The Emory Vision difference is clear to you throughout each encounter you have with our exceptional staff. Whether it’s finding honest and thorough answers to all of your questions, having the opportunity to spend quality time with your surgeon, or involving your family members in the process so that they feel comfortable too, we strive to exceed your expectations. All of our surgeons personally examine you the day after, as well as at your two-week, three-month, and one-year appointments. At Emory Vision, we enlist the most advanced technology and make sure it is used appropriately in every individual case.