Emory Facial
Nerve Program

Facial Nerve Treatments and Services

Once we know the cause of facial paralysis, our specialists will tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs. These treatments may include:

  • Botulism toxin (Botox) for Bell's palsy and facial spasm. When injected directly into the muscle, Botox helps stop muscle spasms and can relax the face.
  • Facial neuromuscular retraining is a nonsurgical solution for all types of facial nerve disorders. It includes personalized facial physiotherapy to improve muscle strength, function and mobility.
  • Eyelid weights and tightening procedures to protect the paralyzed eye.
  • Facial nerve transfers take nearby functioning motor nerves, divide them and then connect them to the damaged facial nerve to restore facial tone and movement following facial nerve injuries such as trauma or acoustic neuroma resection.
  • Cross facial nerve grafting uses facial nerve branches from the nonparalyzed side of the facial to "activate" facial muscles on the paralyzed side.
  • Gracilis free muscle transfer takes muscle from the inner thigh and transplants it to the face to help restore the ability to smile.
  • Selective neurectomy (nerve cutting) and myectomy (muscle cutting) are surgeries that relieve synkinesis (involuntary facial spasms) following facial nerve injury such as Bell's palsy.
  • Static facial slings use muscle lining from the thigh to balance the look of the lips, corner of the mouth and laugh line.

You'll consult with a multidisciplinary team that includes specialists from:

  • Microneurovascular surgery (performed on very small blood vessels and nerves)
  • Neurotology (treats nerve disorders of the ear)
  • Facial plastic surgery
  • Oculoplastic surgery (deals with eyelids, eyebrows, and tear ducts)
  • Neuroradiology radiology (imaging that's focused on abnormalities of the head, neck, and spine)
  • Facial Physical Therapy

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