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New Patients

To become a patient with Integrated Memory Care Clinic (IMCC):
1. a person must have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant
2. a person must live within an hour drive of the clinic at 12 Executive Park Dr. in Atlanta, GA 30329
3. a person must be willing to change primary care providers

If you are interested in establishing care with the IMCC, please call our dedicated patient service coordinator at 404-712-6929. The IMCC’s patient service coordinator will discuss the steps needed to establish care based on the patient’s circumstances. New patients may need to provide documentation of a dementia diagnosis. The IMCC does not diagnose patients with dementia.

Prior to arriving, please fill out, complete and bring the new patient paperwork below.


Existing Patients

If you are an established patient of the IMCC, please call the patient care coordinator at 404-712-6929 to make, change, or cancel an appointment.

If a primary caregiver is unable to accompany a patient to their IMCC appointment, the IMCC providers would appreciate information about the patient’s condition before the visit—either by calling the IMCC or sending a message through the patient portal to the Integrated Memory Care Clinic. Caregivers are valuable members of a patient’s care team. The IMCC values the feedback and concerns of family caregivers.

Please call 404-712-6929 for more information.

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Need help? We will be delighted to assist you today, so please call us at 404-778-7777. We look forward to hearing from you.