Treatments & Services

The Integrated Memory Care Clinic (IMCC) care team will work with the patient and family to develop individualized treatment recommendations. While developing a care plan, several considerations may be discussed such as, patient education, potential and actual barriers to treatment goals, caregiver and family support, and community resources.

In order to help support patients and caregivers through the dementia process, the IMCC offers a number of additional services to our established patients.

Top benefits of specialized primary care for people with memory loss include:

Chronic Care Management: The IMCC encourages eligible patients to enroll in Medicare’s chronic care management program. This additional service is covered by Medicare and reimburses the IMCC for providing additional, proactive care coordination.

Care Coordination: The IMCC collects and tracks pertinent health information. The IMCC’s goal is to ensure patients receive timely preventive care.

Caregiver Classes: At regular intervals, the IMCC social worker will offer educational classes for caregivers. The Savvy Caregiver is a six-week class geared towards helping caregivers learn how to address common, difficult behaviors many patients with dementia may exhibit. A late-stage class teaches caregivers about end-of-life concerns. Additional caregiver opportunities may be available as well.

Family Meetings: The social worker offers opportunities for family and caregiver meetings to discuss current and future care goals as well as current and upcoming care needs.

Transitions of Care: As care needs change, the IMCC may recommend higher levels of care, like hospice or skilled nursing care, and our staff will help to coordinate these transitions as applicable.

After Hours Call: Nurse practitioners are available evenings and weekends for established patients.

The clinic is located at 12 Executive Park Dr. in Atlanta, GA. Please call 404-712-6929 for more information.

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