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Weight Management: Beyond Balancing Calories

Emory Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness is proud to announce that we have partnered with Coursera - an internationally recognized online learning platform with courses from top educators from around the world - to bring to you the latest science and research. Our first program focuses on obesity and weight management in a comprehensive 5 week course called Weight Management: Beyond Balancing Calories

About the Program

Across the globe, more people are suffering from obesity than at any other time in our history. Why has obesity become so common and so challenging? In this course, we will look at the root cause of obesity, as explained by the latest science. We will see how our food environment has evolved over the last half-century, and how it is altering our biology to over-consume calories and resist sustained weight loss. We will also see how stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and inadequate sleep disrupt our appetite control system to promote gaining weight. By developing a better understanding of the physiology behind obesity, you will learn how to work with your body to prevent and manage weight gain. This course will also provide practical tools and strategies for creating a long-term, sustainable weight management plan to leverage your habits and your surroundings.

The course offers video lectures, a guided workbook, carefully curated resources from across the web, and practice quiz opportunities. The course is intended for those wanting to learn at their own pace and offers 3-4 hours of materials each week. Learners can discover a community of support for tackling common challenges on their health-improvement journey. 

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To learn more or to sign up for the program, please click the link below.