Pituitary Disorder

Surgical Treatments

Our multi-specialty surgical team will develop individualized treatment plans for pituitary tumors. Most pituitary tumors can be surgically removed transsphenoidally or through the sinus cavity. Other pituitary surgery treatment options include craniotomy and radiosurgery. In some cases, medical therapy may be needed before or after surgery.

Surgery Description Length of Hospital Stay Average Leave Time
3-D Endoscope The pituitary tumor is accessed transsphenoidally and removed using a state-of-the-art 3-D endoscope (fiber optic camera) 2-3 days 4 weeks
Craniotomy The pituitary tumor is accessed and removed through a window cut in the skull 6-8 days 6 weeks
Radiosurgery Highly focused beams of radiation are used to shrink the pituitary tumor. Multiple outpatient visits over the course of up to a year 1 or 2 days