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Breast Imaging

The purpose of breast imaging and screenings are to find breast cancers early. Emory’s Breast Imaging Center utilizes the latest ultrasound technology to perform mammograms that are able to detect breast cancer up to two years before it can be felt by self-examination.

Emory’s Breast Imaging Center provides highly skilled board-certified radiologists experienced in mammography and breast procedures. Our breast radiologists conduct mammography examinations, ultrasounds, as well as, non-surgical interventional procedures. They are also responsible for communicating screening results, diagnoses management, and treatment plans, to you and your physician.

Call 404-778-7465 to make an appointment at one of our Breast Imaging Center locations.

Emory Breast Imaging Center Image Sharing

Are you a patient, parent, or institution that needs to share/exchange your prior breast imaging exams with Emory Healthcare’s Breast Imaging Center? PowerShare allows for patients and other healthcare institutions to share medical imaging (Mammograms, MRIs, or Ultrasounds) with each other so the care team can review.