Breast Imaging

The purpose of breast imaging and screenings are to find breast cancers early. Emory’s Breast Imaging Center utilizes the latest ultrasound technology to perform mammograms that are able to detect breast cancer up to two years before it can be felt by self-examination.

Emory’s Breast Imaging Center provides highly skilled board-certified radiologists experienced in mammography and breast procedures. Our breast radiologists conduct mammography examinations, ultrasounds, as well as, non-surgical interventional procedures. They are also responsible for communicating screening results, diagnoses management, and treatment plans, to you and your physician.

To learn more about how mammography can save lives click here.

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Key Procedures

Emory Breast Imaging Center Image Share and Exchange

Are you a patient, parent, or institution that needs to share/exchange your prior breast imaging exams with Emory Healthcare’s Breast Imaging Center? Image Share and Exchange allows for patient and other healthcare institutions to share medical imaging (Mammograms, MRIs, or Ultrasounds) with each other so the care team can review.

There are three different ways we accept image exchange at EHC. Here are the instructions to share your images with us. 

Follow the steps below for a patient sending outside medical images:

Access Life Image System by clicking the link below:

Step 1: Then click "request a connection" and complete the required fields (noted in Red) and send the request
Step 2 : Check your email . Please check your junk mail folder if not received in one business day. From the email, select "get started"
Step 3: Read and accept the agreement form.
Step 4: Insert your imaging CD into your PC. Click "Browse for exams" on the website. Choose your CD/DVD drive location on your PC or Mac.
Step 5: Add the information for "whom should we contact". Confirm the information is correct and select "continue"
Step 6: Images will upload
Step 7: If there are more discs, select "upload more files" or select "finish uploading" when complete your images will be automatically routed into our imaging system for review.

For extra assistance:

Call Marlena Costa at Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital: 678-843-5599

Follow the steps below for outside medical breast images - all-new sharing facilities: 

Step 1: If you are a LifeImage customer, go to "add a connection" and search for "Winship, Emory Healthcare"

Winship, Emory Healthcare file share image step 2
Step 2: Click on the tab on the left that says, "connections"
Step 3: Click on "Add a connection"
Step 4: Search "Winship"
Step 5: Locate "Winship-Emory Healthcare"
Step 6: Click, "Request to connect"

Follow the steps below for outside breast medical images - Kaiser Permanente: 

Access the system by clicking the following link:

Step 1: Locate the box to send outbound images in LifeImage
Step 2: Click "send exam"
Step 3: Type in your patient's name
Step 4: Click on your patient
Step 5: Choose the exams you would like to send
Step 6: Hit "send exams"
Step 7: Click "connection"
Step 8: In the recipient search box, type "Emory-Kaiser Image Exchange"
Step 9: Click "send exam"

Additional Assistance for Kaiser Permanente: 770-677-6350

For Dekalb, Northside, CHOA, Shepherd Center, Gwinnett, Wellstar, Phoebe Putney- follow the steps below:  

Step 1: Go to PACS
Step 2: Search for patient
Step 3: Search Emory PowerShare
Step 4: Click "Send"

If you have never used PowerShare and are not in our system and would like to send an outside breast medical image to Emory through Powershare: 

Contact: Jason Jacob