Sinus, Nasal &
Allergy Center

Conveniently located in Midtown Atlanta, the Emory Sinus, Nasal and Allergy Center is a state-of-the-art specialty care resource specializing in the treatment of nasal, sinus and allergy problems. Patients have access to all of Emory’s nationally recognized nasal and allergy sub-specialty physicians with expertise in the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of all sinus, nasal and allergy conditions.

Allergy treatments offered at the Center include allergy relief therapy, allergy desensitization, and allergy shots. The Center also provides general sinus and nasal treatment including treatment for snoring, correction of cosmetic and functional nasal concerns such as deviated septum repair, treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis and cutting-edge care for serious problems such as tumors and cerebrospinal fluid leaks. 

The sinus, nasal and allergy specialists of Emory have expert training in the latest procedures, techniques, and treatment options for every nose and sinus problem. Emory's allergy, nasal and sinus specialists are among the leading physicians in the country in their fields. As such, our doctors educate other physicians about nasal and sinus disorders through continuing medical education courses. Emory Sinus, Nasal and Allergy Center physicians are helping to lead the way to a better understanding and treatment of nasal, sinus and allergy disorders so that they may offer their patients the best care anywhere.

The Emory Sinus, Nasal and Allergy Center is part of Emory Healthcare, one of the nation's leading health systems. For your convenience, the Emory Sinus, Nasal and Allergy Center physicians are able to see patients at both Emory University Hospital and Emory University Hospital Midtown.

Treating the broad spectrum Sinus and Nasal problems

Nasal and sinus problems affect more than thirty-eight million men, women and children every year - causing daily discomfort, reduced quality of life and absence from work and school. Due to the many advances in both medical and surgical treatment, nasal and sinus problems can be effectively addressed. Whatever the cause - allergies, infections or physical obstructions - constant or repeated nasal and sinus disorders can produce an array of discomforting symptoms: an itchy, runny or stuffy nose; sore throat; chronic fatigue; headaches; facial pain and much more. The good news is - you do not have to let it.

At the Emory Sinus, Nasal and Allergy Center, we have the expertise to address any nasal or sinus problem you may have. Just as functional nasal and sinus disease can negatively impact quality of life, so too can nasal appearance if it makes you self-conscious. Members of the Emory Aesthetic Center can consult with you for aesthetic or reconstructive nasal surgery.

The Center provides diagnosis and treatment for:

To make an appointment or for more information, call the Sinus, Nasal and Allergy Center at: 404-778-3381