Urology Wellness

Exercise and Incontinence

Our modern lifestyle is built around the automobile as the preferred form of transport. We don't walk much anymore. We take the car to work. Ride the elevator. Sit at a desk all day. Drive home feeling tired, then collapse in a chair and watch TV. We may not even get up to change channels because we use a remote-control device. Then it is back to bed for the night. What a lousy way to maintain health!

Walking exercise has been abandoned in favor of mechanical transport. However, it is walking that gently shakes and moves the gut. If you are a city dweller, you can walk your way to normal weight and gut mobility. You can also swim, cycle or do calisthenics, all of which can mobilize your gut. When people are inert and immobile, their bowel will also become inactive and slow. Bladder, bowel, and pelvic health problems are far less common in countries where the life styles are not as sedentary as the average American.