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Emory Decatur Wellness Center currently offers over 50 group and aqua group fitness classes each week. Join us for fun, functional fitness! All Group Fitness Classes are led by engaging instructors with years of experience and education, who are up to date with current fitness standards. We constantly update our classes and schedules to include new and exciting fitness opportunities for students of all fitness levels.

Aqua Independent and Group Fitness Classes

Our pool is an 18.5-meter (20 feet wide by 60 feet long) indoor, heated pool. Pool water temperature is kept between 85 and 87 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aqua Group Fitness

Increase your cardio health, flexibility, and muscle endurance in our Aqua group fitness classes. Our certified Aqua instructors encourage and motivate our members to give their best in classes that are easy on the joints. The water resistance allows participants to build muscle endurance with a variety of tools like aqua buoys, drag weights, kickboards, and noodles.

Water Walking and Lap Swim

If you have your own aquatic exercise program, you can take advantage of water walking or lap swimming. In between aqua group fitness classes, the pool has scheduled times for water walking and lap swimming.  Each lane can accommodate two swimmers or walkers. Please check the current schedule available at Wellness Center reception for available time slots.

Please note: Our Group and Aqua Group Fitness classes and schedules may change as needed. Current class schedules are available at Wellness Center reception. “Water Therapy” designates a private session for physical therapists and their clients and is not open to members.

Group Fitness Classes

We offer a wide variety of group fitness classes from strength training to yoga and everything in between. The selection of classes covers all modalities of fitness including muscle endurance, flexibility, strength training, and coordination. One of our mainstays is Silver Sneakers, a nationally known class covering coordination, muscle endurance, and lots and lots of fun peppered in.  Our class offerings are updated throughout the year.
Please note: Our Group and Aqua Group Fitness classes and schedules may change as needed. Current class schedules are available at Wellness Center reception.

Medical Fitness Classes

Phase III Program

Phase III is a program calling upon physicians and clinical groups to engage in the promotion of physical activity as a vital sign of health and by referring patients to the Wellness Center. Phase III encourages physicians, staff, and patients to work together toward improving the health and well-being of the patients in the community.

The purpose of the Emory Decatur Hospital Wellness Center Phase III program is to educate and offer programs to empower patients and the surrounding Decatur, Georgia communities to engage in regular physical activity and exercise, and reduce sedentary time.

Benefits of Exercise is Medicine Program:

  • Improved Cardiovascular Stamina and Endurance
  • Improved Muscular Strength
  • Improved Ability to Perform Activities of Daily Living
  • Improved Exercise Tolerance
  • Improved Understanding of Proper Exercise Technique and Progression
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Personalized Exercise Prescription to Fit Your Individual Goals
  • Monthly Body Composition Analysis

Phase III is an 8-week, twice weekly supervised exercise program where the exercise prescription is based on the participant’s fitness goals. Phase III Includes: Body weight / Body composition assessment every 4 weeks to track progress, a nutrition class, and complimentary Wellness Center access while attending Phase III.

Non-Refundable Program Fee: $199.00

Location: Wellness Center, North Decatur Campus
Session: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday for 8 Weeks, Times Vary

Call 404-501-5843 for additional information.