Von Willebrand Disease
Care and Treatment

The Emory Approach To Von Willebrand Disease

Emory Multidisciplinary Bleeding Disorders Clinic is recognized as Georgia’s only comprehensive treatment center for our quality care, innovative research, extensive educational opportunities and support programs.

Emory’s care team of nationally and internationally recognized practitioners have specialized training and expertise in tailoring von Willebrand disease (VWD) care to your needs. We know the disease touches many facets of your life, and so does your care at Emory.


What Is Von Willebrand Disease Care?

People with VWD have low or absent clotting protein von Willebrand factor (VWF) – or make VWF that doesn’t work as it’s supposed to. VWD is an inheritable bleeding disorder. Many different proteins are needed to make a person’s blood clot successfully. For a person to make a successful clot that stops or prevents bleeding, VWF binds to factor VIII (8), another clotting protein, and platelets in blood vessel walls. This process will help form a platelet plug during the clotting process. People with VWD are not able to form this platelet plug, or it will take longer to form. The condition is named after Finnish physician Erik von Willebrand, who first described it in the 1920s.


Comprehensive Von Willebrand Disease Care

We provide a wide range of specialized services in addition to our nationally recognized care team, leading researchers and innovative treatments.

Our approach to von Willebrand disease treatment is highly individualized. We look at your specific disease subtype, lifestyle, bleeding history and treatment and risk factors to develop a unique plan for you. In careful consultation with your medical team, Emory empowers you to live a full life as you manage your condition.


Empowering You To Take Ownership of Your Treatment

We don’t just treat VWD, we educate you about the condition and support you and your family so you can live your best life despite your diagnosis.

Supporting your lifestyle

 At Emory, we support our patients through in-depth assistance with insurance, travel, major life transitions and everything in between. Our multidisciplinary team is ready to help.

Equipping you for independence

We believe in empowering our patients for an independent lifestyle. Learn about self-care and at-home treatment. Find out how to travel safely. Even receive counseling for how your condition may impact your job or home life.

At Emory, we know that the best care starts with the patient-provider partnership. Building your independence is a critical part of your individual treatment plan.

Managing Von Willebrand Disease

As part of our proactive, multidisciplinary von Willebrand disease treatment, we support you every step of the way so you may best manage your condition independently. We provide education, training and support to help you take more control of your care. No matter your circumstances, we meet you where you are and help you move toward a more confident future.


Research and Clinical Trials

The Von Willebrand Disease Research Program at Emory is directed at advancing new therapies, evaluating novel aspects in von Willebrand disease care and creating new knowledge about the evolving needs of patients with VWD.

The program includes clinical trials as well as translational and basic research on von Willebrand disease. You have the option to participate in cutting-edge research and contribute to scientific and medical knowledge in a variety of innovative ways that could not only help them but also help the larger community of affected patients.


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