Department of Radiology


The Department of Radiology is among the largest academic radiology department in the nation. The department includes 11 clinical divisions with more than 150 faculty members, many of whom also hold appointments with the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Whether you need an imaging test such as an MRI, breast screening, CT scan, or a minimally invasive interventional radiology procedure, it’s comforting to know you’re in good hands. You’ll receive care from a team of radiology professionals who participate in groundbreaking research. Plus, Emory Clinic radiologists are teachers, researchers, and mentors at Emory University School of Medicine. That means you’ll benefit from their knowledge and experience, combined with the wealth of resources and research capabilities of Emory University — one of the fastest-growing research institutions in the country.

Innovative Services

  • Specialized Radiology Services – From 3-D virtual colonoscopy and nuclear medicine to emergency stroke treatment, heart disease screening, and more.
  • Progressive Imaging Techniques and Procedures – PET scans, ultrasound, and other imaging tests, as well as minimally invasive neurological procedures, breast imaging, and more.
  • The Latest Medical advances Through Clinical Trials – By participating in research, Emory Clinic doctors, nurses, and imaging technologists can provide access to some of today’s most promising treatments — including interventional radiology research studies. Click to learn more about our services.

Click to learn more about our services.

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To make an appointment, please call 404-778-7777.