Welcome to Emory Healthcare's EHC Workspace - login page for our virtual desktop environments 

The Emory Healthcare virtual desktop environment (VDT and VDI) can be accessed through EHC Workspace and provide employees secure, easy-to-use access to the applications and data to which they've been given rights.

To get to Emory Healthcare's virtual desktop environment from your computer, you need a web browser plus a small piece of software (a client) installed on your computer. Installation instructions and the software are available below.

If you need assistance with installing the virtual desktop software, please contact IS Customer Support at 404-778-4357.

Installation Instructions

System Requirements for Mac Computers

Please note: The system requirements may change as Citrix updates their software. Please view the full requirements on the Citrix download site.

Hint: To check which processor your Macintosh has: go to the Apple, click on About this Mac and look at the line that says Processor.

The software

Download the software from the Citrix site

Information for Installing the Virtual Desktop Client
Software on Windows 10 and 11 Systems 

Windows System Requirements

You must be logged into your computer using an account that has administrator privileges

You will need to uninstall any previous version of the Virtual Desktop Citrix client before installing the latest version

Installation instructions

Installation instructions for Windows 10 and 11 systems

Download the software

EHC Virtual Desktop client software for Windows 10 and 11