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If you believe that you or your child may have a bleeding disorder, but have never been given a diagnosis, please call:

Adults: the Winship Cancer Institute, Department of Hematology at 404-778-1900 and request an appointment with Drs. Christine Kempton, Ana Antun or Duc “Bobby” Tran.

Pediatrics: the Comprehensive Bleeding Disorders Clinic at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Clinic at 404-785-1200 and request an appointment in the Wednesday hematology clinic with Drs. Robert Sidonio or Glaivy Batsuli.

If you have been diagnosed with an inherited bleeding disorder, please contact our Comprehensive Bleeding Disorders Clinic for instructions on how to submit your medical records and request an appointment. For adults, please call 404-727-1608; for pediatrics, please call 404-785-3520.

Bleeding Disorders