Breast Cancer Patient Support

The Emory Breast Center strives to offer breast cancer patients more than just excellent care by providing additional services for patients and their families.

Education Class for Newly Diagnosed Patients

This monthy class is led by one of our Breast Health Specialist. The class is tailored to the newly diagnosed patient and offers answers to questions related to breast cancer, including treatment side effects, and nutrition during therapy. Attendance is free. Please call Mary Brookhart 404-778-2577 for times, dates and to RSVP.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Support Group

This support group is for patients with and survivors of metastatic breast cancer. Caregivers will be invited to participate periodically. Group facilitated by Rebecca Sizemore, LCSW. Please call (404) 778-5926 for more information and to RSVP.

To learn more, visit Winship Cancer Institute's Support Group Monthly Calendar

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Support Group

This support group is for patients and survivors of triple-negative breast cancer. Caregivers are invited to participate. The group will be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month and alternate between Clifton Road and Midtown locations. Group is co-facilitated by Rebecca Sizemore, LCSW and Maggie Hughes, MSW. For more information and to RSVP contact:

Clifton Road- Rebecca at 404-778-5926 or
Midtown- Maggie at 404-778-5976 or

To learn more, visit Winship Cancer Institute's Support Group Monthly Calendar

Peer-to-Peer Program

Emory's Peer Partners program is designed to train cancer survivors to give hope and counsel to those new to the world of cancer. Peer partners must be one year post-treatment and have:

  • A healthy perspective on the pros and cons of cancer survivorship
  • A positive attitude and emotional and mental stability
  • Commitment to the Peer Partners Program and its responsibilities and guidelines

Prospective Peer Partners must sign a confidentiality agreement, undergo a background check, and complete a Peer Partners training workshop. Peer Partners must also have internet or fax access. To be matched with a Peer Partner, ask your Social Worker or medical team. For more information, please contact James Hankins at 404-778-5716.

Pastoral Care

At Emory Breast Center, the personal and spiritual concerns of patients and families are of the utmost importance. Our Pastoral Services department provides chaplains who offer spiritual care and support to patients, families and staff.

To learn more, visit Winship Cancer Institute's pastoral services page.

Patient Counseling

A breast cancer diagnosis can affect your family life, your ability to function at work and/or school, your financial stability, and your ability to plan for the future. You and your loved ones may experience periods of sadness or anxiety as you adjust to the ramifications of illness. Relationships can become strained, and daily responsibilities may become difficult to handle as you undergo treatment. Feeling “in control” may be a challenge.

Oncology social workers are available to help you cope with these concerns. We provide individual, family and group counseling. In addition, we moderate support and educational programs and can provide referrals to community resources.

To contact a social worker, please call 1-888-WINSHIP or (404) 778-1900. For more information please contact the Winship Cancer Institute Social Workers and Support Team.

Navigator Program

Our Navigator Program matches newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with a registered nurse who serves as their primary point of contact throughout the cycle of care. The RN Navigator is available to answer questions, help with decision-making, coordinate care and provide emotional support. The goal is to ensure that breast cancer patients get all the support and services they need, as effectively and efficiently as possible.