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Program Objective

Enhance classroom curriculum with exposure to academic medicine experiential opportunities.

Program Description

The Directed Study Program is designed to introduce graduate students to the field of health care management in the ambulatory care setting through small scale project work. Graduate students from the Rollins School of Public Health, Goizueta Business School, and other local schools are eligible to participate in the program from late-September through mid-December. Students participating in the Directed Study Program are not compensated for their time by The Emory Clinic; rather, students may receive class credit for their participation.

Program Structure

Projects may be focused in a variety of functional areas. Past projects have focused on quality and process improvement, strategy, operations, and information technology. In addition to these functional areas, students have expressed interest in a variety of disciplines including marketing and finance. Projects may be completed by individual students or teams. Projects may serve as a graded course for the students and should be appropriate for MPH-level/MBA-level work.

Timeline: Students will begin work in early September (fall semester) or January (spring semester). Project deliverables should be completed in late December or April, respectively.

Scope: Projects are appropriately scoped so that they may be completed in the timeframe indicated above. It is possible for a student to be assigned a portion of a larger project with the understanding that it will be appropriately handed off at the end of the semester.

Deliverables: The project will conclude with an agreed upon deliverable, which may be in the form of a presentation, paper, analysis, or other medium that is appropriate for the subject matter.

Time Commitment: Each student will plan to spend approximately 10 hours per week on their project. Given that they will be attending classes as well, some work will take place outside of regular business hours. Students are responsible for keeping their projects on track to meet the deliverable deadline.

Is this a paid position?
No, Directed Study Program participants are not paid, but are eligible to earn course credit (Goizueta Business School) or practicum hours (Rollins School of Public Health). 

Application Process


  • Graduate student at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health and Goizueta Business School
  • Demonstrates interest in health care industry
  • Demonstrates project management experience

Application Deadline Dates

Thank you for your interest in the Directed Study Program. Due to COVID-19, we will not be recruiting for this program in the spring of 2021. Please check back in August-September of 2021 for updates on the fall semester program.

How to Apply

Emory Students can apply by submitting their current resume to their respective Career Services Department at Rollins School of Public Health or Goizueta Business School, or they may email it directly to: Connor.C.Wade@emoryhealthcare.org 

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