Program Objective

Attract, position, develop, and advance talent for management and leadership roles.

Program Description

Emory Healthcare’s Management Development Program seeks to attract, retain and grow talent for potential management and leadership positions. Within three to five years, depending on the individual’s ability to demonstrate the mastery of core competencies, participants will progress through the three phases within the Shared Services or Clinic Operations path, resulting in the opportunity to fill a permanent leadership position upon completion of the program. Participants have the opportunity to join an emerging leader network group, learn from mentors & executive leaders, and participate in continuing professional development.

Within three to five years, depending on the individual’s ability to demonstrate the mastery of core competencies, each candidate will progress through the three phases within the Shared Services or Clinic Operations path, resulting in the opportunity to fulfill a permanent leadership position.

Placement Process

Participants are placed in full-time roles according to their interests and organizational need. The Office of Development Programs works closely with MDP participants and leaders to ensure mutually agreeable and beneficial matches.


Relationship Management
Analytical Ability
Industry Knowledge
Reporting/Data Management
Technical Knowledge


Participants work toward mastering a set of core competencies divided into three phases within two different paths. Participants begin in the Coordinator, Operations & Planning position and advance into either a Shared Services path or Clinic Operations path. Advancement to the next level is based on Rater Reliability Sessions where MDP leaders, sponsors, management, and Emory Clinic executives discuss each participant's performance and provide feedback. Participants must demonstrate mastery of competencies in each level to advance.

Program Components

Emerging Leader Network Group: Future and current leaders from within Emory or outside the organization discuss issues relevant to the healthcare industry an relevant to your growth as a leader

Executive Leadership Meetings: Rotate among key executive and leadership meetings to gain awareness of decision making processes, challenges, and positively impact the effectiveness of the meetings

Improvement Projects: On a rotating six month schedule, participants are assigned to a project to gain experience outside their daily responsibilities

Sponsorship: Sponsors for MDP are members of executive leadership at Emory who will work with participants and their leader on personal and professional development


  • Master's degree in business administration, health care administration, or public health is preferred, but other master's degrees are also considered.
  • Previous healthcare experience in system, inpatient, or practice setting.
  • Excellent project management, organizational, communication, prioritization, financial and business management skills.
  • Ability to establish working relationships, influence decisions, and think creatively and strategically.

Application Dates:

Thank you for your interest in the Management Development Program. At this time, we have suspended recruitment for the foreseeable future. Please continue to monitor this webpage for any updates as they're available.

Office of Development Programs Address:

Emory Clinic - Building A 5th Floor
1365 Clifton Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30322

FAQs for Management Development Program

No, candidates do not have to be a current student or recent graduate in order to be eligible for the Management Development Program. We will accept applications from candidates who have completed their master's degree or are on schedule to complete their master's degree before the program start date.

No, candidates without the aforementioned degrees are not automatically disqualified. They must, however, be master's-prepared and demonstrate interest and experience in health care or other operations-focused roles.

Yes, this program is applicable to individuals with work experience. The Management Development Program is relevant for individuals seeking the "next step" in their careers. The program will provide mentorship, exposure, hands-on project experience, management and leadership opportunities, and a strong professional network.

The Management Development Program aims to train future health care administrators and leaders. If you currently work in the clinical or research setting, are looking to make a career change to operations and management, and meet the minimum qualifications for the program, you may be considered.

Yes, we will consider past applicants. However, due to the highly competitive applicant pool, it is strongly recommended that past applicants carefully review their applications and clearly demonstrate areas of improvement. If you experience technical issues when submitting new materials, please contact us here.

The number varies with each application cycle as it depends on both the organizational need and the individual candidate's qualifications, interests, and organizational fit.

Please address letters of recommendation to the "Management Development Program Selection Committee."

All supporting materials (i.e. current resume, letters of recommendation, essays, etc.) must be sent directly to Jessica Graber at after you have applied online on Emory's Career Website. Please see above for instructions. Only complete applications will be considered.

Applications are reviewed for nearly a month once the application period closes. During this review process, your candidate status may change to "on hold."

Yes, participants are expected to complete their extracurricular assignments, including improvement projects, in addition to their full-time roles.

Participants will be assigned a permanent leader based on their full-time role and an executive sponsor on a rotation-basis. Both leaders and sponsors are members of Emory Clinic Leadership.

Yes, Management Development Program participants are considered full-time employees and are eligible for employee benefits, including health insurance coverage. Participants will receive a competitive salary.

Graduates of the Management Development Program can be found in leadership positions across the organization.

Yes, successful graduates of the Management Development Program will transition into a leadership role within Emory Clinic.