Reconstructive Skin Cancer Surgery

Even if you take precautions while out in the sun to avoid skin cancer, there is still a possibility that you will develop it and require treatment. And a diagnosis, especially on your face, can understandably cause a lot of anxiety.

First, you want to know your chances for getting rid of the cancer. Then, you probably start wondering what long-term impact it will have on your appearance. How will the scars look? How big will the wound be? Fortunately, there are several effective treatment options to get rid of the cancer, reconstruct all aspects of the normal tissue, and minimize the scarring on the face.

While all surgery results in scars, facial plastic surgeons today are skilled in ensuring yours are thin, flat, soft and hidden in a pre-existing or normal site for a wrinkle or fold on your face, where they’re less visible.


Patients with non-melanoma skin cancers, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma of the face are the best candidates for skin cancer reconstruction. Patients generally in good health can undergo surgery to repair skin cancer removal wounds under local anesthetic or general anesthetic.


Patients may undergo a procedure called Mohs surgery to remove the skin cancer. This is most often performed at a Dermatologist’s office who is trained to perform Mohs surgery. This allows us to be certain the cancer is completely removed prior to reconstruction. Patients can then come to our facility on the same day or following day to undergo repair. Sometimes the procedure can be completed in a single surgery. Other times, the reconstruction may take 1-2 surgeries separated by weeks or months for the best result


Recovery from skin cancer reconstruction can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. This depends on the depth and extent of the original wound, as well as whether there was a staged need for repair and refinement.

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