Our Location


Emory Aesthetic Center
3200 Downwood Circle Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30327


The Emory Aesthetic Center parking deck is located in the rear of the Palisades Medical Building. Proceed to the parking attendant and retrieve a parking ticket. To enter the building patients should use the staircase or elevator to Level 1 main floor. From the first floor you are able to ride the elevator to the 6th floor to our suite.

Emory Aesthetic Center validates parking for patients who are undergoing surgery. For all other appointments, the following parking rates will apply:

  • 0-20 Free
  • 21-30 Mins $3.00
  • 31-60 Mins $5.00
  • 61- ALL DAY $7.00
  • IN/OUT PASS $7.00
  • Lost Ticket $7.00

Payment methods accepted are Visa, Discover and MasterCard. Bills no larger than $20.00 are also accepted. 

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