As part of our integrated care approach, Emory Aesthetic Center offers an on-site Ambulatory Surgery Center, staffed by board-certified Emory anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists. Our fully accredited ambulatory surgical care facility was created especially for those patients who are scheduled for surgery but who do not require an overnight stay in the hospital. Our renowned facility has been designed to provide the utmost in comfort and quality, maintaining accreditation by the Joint Commission. This means patients can trust our services are always performed in the safest of environments.

The Ambulatory Surgery Center was carefully planned to reduce the normal stress that comes with any surgical procedure. Our serene, relaxing environment combines a comfortable design with maximum patient privacy. Emory’s expert surgeons perform a full range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures at the surgical center, which can accommodate anything from minimally invasive treatments to extensive surgery. Once the procedure is complete, our patients are given extended time to recover in a secluded recovery bay. The Ambulatory Surgery Center also offers the unique option of an overnight recovery suite with private nursing care.

Emory's Ambulatory Surgery Center's most common procedures include:

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Your Pre-Op at the Ambulatory Surgery Center

Checking-in for surgery at the Ambulatory Surgery Center, you will be greeted by a friendly patient coordinator and taken to one of our private pre-op rooms in the surgical wing. We always encourage a family member or friend to accompany patients into the pre-op area for support while preparing for surgery. At this time, you and your loved ones will have a chance to ask any last minute questions before the procedure begins. You will be prepared for surgery in one of our three operating rooms, beginning with a registered nurse who will take vital signs and start I.V. fluids. Finally, a board certified anesthesiologist will prep for anesthesia.

Ambulatory Surgery Center’s State-of-the-Art Operating Rooms

Emory Aesthetic Center’s cosmetic surgeons perform their outpatient procedures in one of our three cutting-edge surgical suites. Filled with the latest equipment and innovative technology, the operating rooms are designed to provide the most up-to-date patient safety. A board-certified anesthesiologist will remain on hand, carefully monitoring your progress while under anesthesia. A team of experienced, professional registered nurses, surgical techs, and aesthetic staff helps to ensure your procedure is efficient and effective.

The delicate time, immediately after surgery, is vital to the recovery process. To put our patients on a secure road to healing, the Ambulatory Surgery Center is outfitted with a bright and airy recovery area. As soon as you awaken from surgery, you will be moved to a peaceful recovery bay, to be monitored and cared for by a post-op nurse. Once the anesthesia has safely worn off, before the final discharge, the nurse will carefully review the home care instructions with you and your family. Emory Aesthetic Center surgeons are always close by, in case any issues or questions should arise.

Optional Overnight Recovery Suites

Going above and beyond the traditional surgical environment, Emory Aesthetic Center's surgical facility brings a unique personalized care experience that can be tailored to your needs. We provide our surgical patients with two post-op choices: begin recuperating at home the same afternoon or schedule an optional overnight stay in one of our overnight recovery suites. This home-like environment, steps away from the Ambulatory Surgery Center, makes the perfect transition from surgery to recovery. The well-appointed rooms have all the amenities of home, along with the benefits of private nursing care.  

Ambulatory Surgery Center FAQs

The Ambulatory Surgery Center is an accredited surgery facility in Atlanta, Georgia. We are dedicated to providing the safest and most effective cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures available today.

Yes, the Ambulatory Surgery Center is accredited by The Joint Commission. This accreditation means that our patients can trust the surgical procedures performed by Emory’s surgeons, as they are among the safest in the country. 

The cosmetic surgeons at Emory Aesthetic Center will utilize the Ambulatory Surgery Center exclusively for their invasive procedures. The most commonly performed techniques include breast augmentation, the facelift, tummy tuck, and the body lift. The Ambulatory Surgery Center is equipped to perform any procedure requested by our surgeons.

The Ambulatory Surgery Center is prepared to meet a variety anesthesia needs, including topical, local, or general anesthesia, as well as local anesthesia with IV sedation. These services are always provided with a board-certified anesthesiologist or nurse anesthesiologist. During the consultation appointment, your surgeon will explain the best anesthesia options for your personal situation.

Yes, we encourage a friend or loved one to wait during your procedure at the Ambulatory Surgery Center. We have a comfortable family waiting room where they can pass the time watching television or relaxing. Remember that with all procedures, you will need a ride home from the surgery center.