Begin Your Journey

From beginning to end, the journey for a patient undergoing bariatric care is full of changes. It will require persistence and discipline, but at the end it is all worth it.

Step 1: Register & Complete a Seminar

We offer two types of free seminars, online and in-person.

Online Seminar

Online seminars contains valuable information about the bariatric surgery process. Set aside about ½ hour to watch the entire seminar. Please take notes and write down any any questions you would like to discuss at your first consultation. Prospective patients must complete the entire seminar.

In-person Seminar

In-person seminars are held several times a month. During this session, you will learn about your weight loss options from one our surgeons and team members. We welcome questions at the end of the seminar and you will also have time to meet one-on-one with the presenting surgeon

Please call 404-778-7777 to register for a seminar.

Step 2: Review Payment Options


Emory Bariatric Center works with most insurance companies, including medicare and medicaid. View the managed care sheet below and check with your insurance provider to see if bariatric coverage is available.


If insurance does not cover bariatric surgery, you may be surprised at how affordable it can be. Please see the self-pay pricing sheet below for the costs assoicated with surgery. Please note: self-pay pricing does not include surgeons’s fees.

Step 3: Schedule Your Consultation

Please call 404-778-7777

Step 4: Prepare for Surgery

Weight loss surgery is like other major surgeries. The best preparation is to understand the risks and potential benefits and to closely follow your doctor’s instructions.

  • Understand the surgical process and what to expect afterwards
  • Talk to people who have had weight loss surgery or attend a support group to gain valuable insight
  • Journal your experience – record how you feel now, the obstacles you encounter, the things you hope to be able to do after surgery
  • Get a letter of support from your family, it helps to know you have people behind you
  • Attend our Pre-op Pearls Class, it's designed to provide “pearls” of wisdom for those nearing their surgery date

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