General Tips for Preventing Throwing Injuries

Playing and training for baseball is not only fun but great for your health. It builds strong bodies, provides stress relief, and increases mental focus and concentration. Just make sure you, or your young ball player, isn't overdoing it. Keep these tips in mind throughout the year to ensure everyone has a long and healthy baseball career:

  • Rest your throwing arm; refrain from throwing for at least two to three months of the year and avoid competitive pitching for at least four months.
  • Switch positions often throughout the season to avoid fatigue. This varies the number and length of throws for which you are responsible.
  • Watch for signs of arm fatigue/diminished performance during a game, the season, or over the course of the year. If these signs present themselves, rest and/or see a doctor immediately.
  • Set pitch count limits and stick with them throughout the season. Refer to the Pitch Smart website for a complete list of pitch counts by age and required rest recommendations.
  • Prevent or recover from injury with frequent stretching and strengthening exercises for your arms and shoulders by reviewing this Emory Sports Medicine Arm Care Program handout provided by Emory's sports medicine physicians and physical therapists.

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