Welcome to Emory Brain Health Center

The brain is the center of all your thoughts, behavior and movement. That’s why your brain health is critical to your quality of life. Emory Brain Health Center is transforming patient-centered care for brain and spinal cord conditions through research and discovery. Unlike any other healthcare system in the country, Emory Healthcare combines neurology, psychiatry and behavioral sciences, neurosurgery, rehabilitation medicine, and sleep medicine to offer complete, coordinated care for disorders of the brain.

Bringing these specialties together, allows more than 400 researchers and clinicians from different areas to work in collaboration to more rapidly predict, prevent, treat, or cure devastating diseases or disorders of the brain. These unique collaborations are demonstrated in some of the more than 20 centers and programs within the Brain Health Center, such as the Epilepsy Center, Pituitary Center, Stroke Center, Treatment-Resistant Depression Program, and Veterans Program.

Individualized Treatment for Brain Health

Emory Brain Health Center has created a new model for collaborative patient care. From referral and diagnosis to treatment and recovery, we bring patients accurate diagnosis and treatment options for brain diseases and conditions.

Our providers, researchers and scientists work together daily to deliver individualized patient treatment plans for optimal brain and body health. Using advanced technologies and ongoing, creative partnerships between specialties, we’re able to shorten the lag time between scientific inquiry, discovery, and development of therapies that change patients’ lives.

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Did You Know?

There are more than 20 centers and programs within the Brain Health Center providing specialized care and research opportunities.