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Pandemic Increasing Suicidal Ideation
One in four people aged 18 to 24 seriously contemplated suicide in June, according to new research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Telehealth Visits Soar as Emory Healthcare Keeps Patients and Doctors Connected During Pandemic
“The speed and quality in establishing a robust telehealth practice from very few visits a week to around 12,000 per week has been an amazing transformation,” says Gregory Esper, MD, MBA, associate chief medical officer at Emory Healthcare and lead of Emory’s systemwide telehealth initiatives.

The Pandemic is Taking a Toll on American's Mental Health
The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on Americans' mental health, according to a new survey out Thursday from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nelson Oyesiku Awarded Inaugural Daniel Louis Barrow Endowed Chair
Emory Healthcare neurosurgeon Nelson M. Oyesiku, MD, PhD, FACS, has been awarded the inaugural Daniel Louis Barrow Endowed Chair. Oyesiku is professor, vice chair and director of the residency program in the Department of Neurosurgery in the Emory University School of Medicine and an internationally recognized pituitary surgeon

Emory Healthcare Names New Director of Emory MBNA Stroke Center
Charles Michael Cawley III, MD, has been named director of the Emory MBNA Stroke Center, one of the nation’s leading stroke treatment and research centers.

Entertaining During a Pandemic
So, I wondered, how do people who plan parties for a living handle entertaining now? How do they counsel clients? How do they entertain in their own homes with others?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Holding America's Hand Through the Pandemic
Any parent can tell you it’s the rule of the game: Occasionally, you’ll take the blame for something you really, truly don’t deserve. Which means when you’re Dr. Sanjay Gupta – CNN’s face of COVID-19 coverage, father to three daughters – you’ll get blamed for, well, the whole darn pandemic.

Long Road Home
The numbers are staggering. More than 5 million post-9/11 service veterans have transitioned from the military back to civilian life, an average of 200,000 veterans each year. The transition isn't always an easy one.

Stay Calm and Cook On
It’s normal to feel anxious right now, health experts tell us, because the world can feel like it’s spinning out of control. But, there are ways of coping. Cooking is one of them.

Georgians Feeling Growing Emotional Toll from COVID-19 Pandemic
Back in March, as the coronavirus began picking up steam in Georgia, Sarah Summers and her family put a plan in place: Cease all playdates. Cancel gatherings with friends. Limit outings.

"It's a Little Bit Like Living on Mars": Inside a COVID-19 ICU
CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to his longtime friend and colleague Dr. Nick Boulis about what was it was like to work inside Emory University's COVID-19 intensive care unit and watch the deadly power of this disease firsthand.

Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Helps Emory Connect Patients with Families During COVID-19
“Telemedicine, with devices in patient rooms, limits the number of times a nurse or doctor has to enter the room with PPE, thus conserving it, while still providing the patient the best care possible,” says Gregory J. Esper, MD, MBA, associate chief medical officer, Emory Healthcare, and professor and vice chair of clinical affairs in the Department of Neurology at Emory.

Telemedicine Use Rises at Emory during COVID-19 Outbreak
The use of telemedicine has soared at Emory Healthcare during the COVID-19 outbreak, according to Gregory Esper, MD, MBA, associate chief medical officer at Emory Healthcare and leader of Emory’s systemwide telehealth initiatives.

Isolation is a Big Trigger: Feelings of Suicide are Amplified Amid a Pandemic
As the coronavirus spreads across the globe, there's recognition its toll will exceed the scope of the virus itself. Deaths will be caused by COVID-19 – closing in on 500 in the U.S. alone as of Monday – and long-term health problems. Others will be frayed by the havoc, loneliness and financial insecurity caused by the disease.

Panic-Buying a Natural Reaction to Uncertainty, Behavioral Experts Say
Behavioral experts looked at the panic-buying that swept through metro Atlanta in recent days and were not appalled or shocked. The rush of consumers to markets, the long lines, the shelves emptied of staples, the anxious expressions – all were very human, even sensible reactions to a noxious mix of danger, uncertainty and chaos.

Suicide has Only Gotten Younger. These Two Families, Bonded by Loss, are Taking Action
Nadine Kaslow, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, said parents need to realize that kids communicate differently today and any thought of banning social media or phones isn’t realistic or wise.

Georgia Joins Federal Effort to Fight Suicides Among Troops, Veterans
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on Thursday agreed to join a federal initiative for preventing suicides among U.S. service members, veterans and their families.

A Silent Epidemic: How to Combat Depression as a Nurse
You may frequently hear people say, “Oh, I’m so depressed” if they’re experiencing a bad mood. But actual depression is a very common mental health disorder that interferes with your daily life on a consistent basis.

Scientists are Discovering How Trauma can be Inherited
Scientists and therapists are now trying to understand how trauma — broadly defined as severe psychological distress following a terrible or life-threatening event — is shared across generations, whether the connection is biological or psychological, and how best to stop the legacy of pain.

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