Our Mission

What We Offer

Dedicated Time

You matter to us as a patient. That is why we dedicate the time needed to understand your health concerns. Executive physicals last 60 minutes, so your physician can develop a lasting relationship with you and understand your healthcare needs. We schedule all of your annual preventive tests during your visit, and analyze and summarize the results with you same-day.

Personal Attention

Our appointments are designed to be personalized based on your medical history and health concerns. Your executive physical exam and additional tests are closely reviewed to give you a detailed analysis of your present health and future direction of care.

High-level of Expertise

Emory Executive Health physicians include Rollins Distinguished Clinicians, Assistant and Associate Professors at the Emory School of Medicine, Research Leaders and Medical Directors across the Seavey Clinic. The experienced team offers extensive knowledge of current medicine along with passion for excellence in healthcare and prevention. This allows us to offer our patients a premier experience and coordinated care year-round.

We Are Committed To

Exceptional Service

Emory Executive Health Center offers seamless navigation of the Emory system during your visit. Testing and labs throughout the Emory campus are scheduled and coordinated prior to the Executive Health appointment. Any future referrals or follow-ups are facilitated as well. While in our center, you will find a spacious and serene waiting room, conference room, as well as shower amenities. We offer refreshments, light snacks, and reading materials for your convenience. Our team facilitates every step of your visit, providing any assistance you may need during your time at Emory.

Streamline Coordination

Emory Executive Health Center offers year-round coordinated care as one of its key advantages. Our center will serve as the access point for any necessary future appointments or services you may need. This allows you to receive world-renowned medical care throughout the Emory system.

Innovative Solutions

As an academic medical center, we offer the newest advances in medical technology. Our physicians constantly update their skills while staying on top of current trends in medicine. We include valuable testing as part of our visits that would be out of scope for a typical physical examination. Research supported validity of exams and testing are at the forefront of our rationale. At Emory Executive Health, we are always innovating.

How Can We Help You Today?

Need help? We will be delighted to assist you today, so please call us at 404-778-1234. We look forward to hearing from you.